This simple cracker is the flavor that started it all and is the culmination of months of research, tests and baking trials, which produced this amazing cracker.  The original flavor is savory at its core, providing a cheese like taste without the use of dairy or artificial flavor products. Many snack products currently on the market have a cheesy taste, but unlike those products our crackers achieved the salty cheesy flavor by using all natural and organic ingredients. We believe this is a masterpiece recipe that is sure to become your new flavor crave.


Everything Bagel seasoning is great on just about anything. The five-ingredient combination of onion, garlic, sesame seed, poppy seeds and salt make this a unique and nostalgic flavor. You can now have that flavor along with all the added benefits (see the Nutritional Benefits page) our crackers bring.


The truffle and chives flavor we’ve created, much like the original flavor, we believe is a masterpiece. These energy crackers have a deep, nutty, strong, yet pleasant flavor. The richness of the truffle, combined with the unique flavor of chives, is sure to please the most sophisticated palate. The rush of taste in your mouth as you try these delicacy crackers will linger afterwards like a fine wine.  Once you try them, you’ll be hooked just like we are.


With our background as a Mexican/American family, we just had to create a flavor reminiscent of Mexico’s street snack vendors. Nothing says Mexican snack like the classic combination of chiles, lime and salt. By adding just the right blend of dried red peppers, with natural lime and sea salt, we achieved a tasty snack without the spicy heat so that everyone can enjoy these crackers.

Hickory BBQ

Smoky goodness is the best way to describe our Hickory BBQ crackers. Our bend of natural spices and smoke flavors, will remind you of summer BBQ get togethers with family and friends. Even those who are not fans of traditional BBQ chips will enjoy the great taste of our BBQ flavor energy crackers.


Using our original cracker flavor as the foundation, we have combined rosemary and anise seed to create a flavor unique in its own right. 

There is nothing new to be said about the rosemary taste, as it has been used for baking for thousands of years, but when combined with the right spices and herbs, a bold new flavor comes to life.

As you enjoy this cracker you will discover a multitude of flavor hews, from earthy and hearty to citrusy, which makes this an ideal flavor combination. Add to this the known nutritional and medicinal benefits of both rosemary and anise seed and you have a powerful energy cracker.  See the nutritional benefits page for information about the benefits of rosemary from recent studies. 

Spicy Jalapeño

When we say "spicy", we are not kidding! But that does not mean you can't taste the great flavor prior to the heat kicking in...