Who we are

Who we are.

We were a couple with a simple dream, your standard American dream. Buy a house, raise a family and do good in our community. But once most of those dreams are accomplished, then what?  

Our kids are grown, we have been blessed to have a house, and most of our areas of service to the community had ended. So, we found a new dream! I had started making crackers as a way to use up my sourdough discard and found that they were gone almost as soon as I finished making them. I had great fun playing with different spices and seasonings, some experiments were total failures, but some were really good. 

My husband, being a business owner, has always had the ability to see beyond what is, to what could be. He encouraged me to start making crackers for more than just our family. We looked in the stores to see what was available and noticed that although there are many options, none of them do much for you beyond slaking hunger for a time. 

We are busy, just like you, and have often relied on snacks to get us through our busy days. We had searched for years for a snack, any snack, that would give an energy boost without being sweet. There are lots of drinks and bars that are marketed to give energy, and they have their place. But sometimes you want a boost of energy without the sweeteners! And of course, there are no real options, so we knew we could do better.  We started to look for ingredients that were as good for you as they were good tasting. 

And so, with Sasquatch Snackers, we are excited to bring you what we believe many have been searching for, even if you didn’t know it. The more we learned about B-Vitamins, the benefits of nutritional yeast and the importance of having fats and protein, as well as carbohydrates, the more excited we got. 

Sasquatch Snackers started as a way to make something special for my family, but has developed into a way to fill a basic human need. The need for a savory snack that is good for your body, gives you both quick and lasting energy, and that tastes great, because if something doesn’t taste good, why eat it?  

We believe you will love these crackers as much as we do. Try them all and let us know your favorite.  If there is a flavor you are craving for, let us know.  Unlike large corporations, we are ready to listen to our customers and try new combinations.   

Alicia Chavez, co-founder Sasquatch Foods Inc.

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