Sasquatch Foods to Sponsor the 42nd Annual Death Ride July 15
Sasquatch Snackers

To celebrate our official opening for business, Sasquatch Foods, Inc. is proud to support and sponsor the 42nd Annual Death Ride, Tour of the California Alps in Markleeville, Lake Alpine on July 15,  2023.

Having participated and completed 5 passes in the past on the event, we felt that the Death Ride was a perfect match for the reasons and purpose behind the creation of Sasquatch foods, Inc. and our Sasquatch Snackers (TM) brand.

The Death Ride is undoubtedly a grueling event, where riders of all ages get to test their climbing prowess, descending technique, preparation abilities, and ultimately grit. 

With that in mind, we know the hard work required to build a new business and bring a new product into the market, clearly reflect on those skills needed to participate in the Death Ride. And, at its basic essence, the energy needs of such an event are one of the reasons that inspired us to create our Energy Crackers (TM).

With hundreds of hours of research and development, not dissimilar to the training required to do the Death Ride, we've created what is arguably the only non-sweet, savory, nutritional, packed with B vitamins Energy Crackers (TM) in the market today.

Our Energy Crackers (TM) recipe is based on sourdough to help the digestive system aid the assimilation of nutrients and vitamins into the body, and, we loaded them with the essential B vitamins, the right balance of protein, fiber and healthy calories required for not only a quick boost of energy, but also sustained energy that can help in the recovery process.  

For decades the only quick source of food for rides has been "food bars" that taste like cardboard or "food bars" that taste like candy and loads of sugar, and the only option for anyone to get a savory snack or food during a ride was to stop at the local sandwich shop or café to get a bite to eat. 

We at Sasquatch Foods say, "no more", now you can enjoy a savory snack that is made with natural, non-GMO, and organic ingredients, that is not only a fantastic source of energy, but it actually tastes great (like real food)!

Click here to see the nutritional benefits information page.

As a sponsor of the event, Sasquatch Foods will be at the Death Ride Expo on Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th to meet riders. We will also provide riders with an "Original Flavor" serving of our Energy Crackers(TM) for their swag bag that they will pick up at check-in on Friday.  

You are cordially invited to come to our Expo tent and say hi and perhaps share your thoughts about our crackers, our awesome logo and company name, or to try our other flavors.

Additionally, you can register at our tent for a raffle for some cool prizes (we think) and pick up a walking Sasquatch sticker for your water bottle (like the one on this page).

If you have not registered for the event, Click Here to register on their website.

See you there! 

John Chavez

Co-founder, Sasquatch Foods, Inc.

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