The Sasquatch foods story:

The story of Sasquatch Foods Inc. is based on the human need to always search for something better. My husband and I wanted a snack that was savory, made with natural ingredients, and above all, that it would be good for us. We believed there had to be something better out there when it comes to healthy snacks, but much like sasquatch sightings, finding a healthy, savory snack proved elusive.

Along our search, we found many options- snack bars that taste more like candy and sugar than a healthy snack, and energy drinks that make you jittery and in need of psychiatric help afterwards.  Neither of which satisfy the basic human need for real, soul-satisfying taste while providing the nutrition the body craves.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. So, we began searching for all-natural, healthy ingredients we could combine to create what we craved.   After months of searching, baking and tasting, we finally created what we believe to be the best healthy, all-natural, savory snack option for our fellow humans. We’ve created Sasquatch Snackers, the first savory energy crackers! 

Having been active adults and parents of young kids -plus being around backpacking, cycling, soccer and other sports- we knew we needed something that wasn’t just a snack to mask the hunger.  We needed to create a snack that provides nutrients, carbohydrates, fiber, protein and B vitamins for energy, and at the same time have a savory taste people will crave. 

It may appear to be just a cracker, but Sasquatch Snackers are so much more. With a combination of flavors from natural herbs and spices that will have you asking for more, Sasquatch Snackers give you the best healthy snack option for you and your family. Whether you are always on the go, need a snack for the kids, or just a healthy snack to share with friends, we believe you will love these crackers as much as we do. 

Sasquatch Snackers

We hope you’ll try them all.

Alicia Chavez
Co-founder Sasquatch Foods Inc.